Transactions on Mathematical Software

Table of Contents, Volume 1

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Volume 1 · Number 1
1 John R. Rice Purpose and Scope.
Abstract; BibTeX entry
4 Anonymous Algorithms Distribution Service.
Abstract; BibTeX entry
5 Lloyd D. Fosdick Algorithms Policy.
Abstract; BibTeX entry
7 Anonymous Papers from Mathematical Software II.
Abstract; BibTeX entry
13 W. J. Cody The FUNPACK Package of Special Function Subroutines.
Abstract; BibTeX entry
26 M. A. Jenkins
J. F. Traub
Principles for Testing Polynomial Zerofinding Programs.
Abstract; BibTeX entry
35 B. N. Parlett
Y. Wang
The Influence of the Compiler on the Cost of Mathematical Software-- in Particular on the Cost of Triangular Factorization.
Abstract; BibTeX entry
47 Fred Glover
Darwin Klingman
Real World Applications of Network Related Problems and Breakthroughs in Solving Them Efficiently.
Abstract; BibTeX entry
56 Edward W. Ng A Comparison of Computational Methods and Algorithms for the Complex Gamma Function.
Abstract; BibTeX entry
71 G. D. Byrne
A. C. Hindmarsh
A Polyalgorithm for the Numerical Solution of Ordinary Differential Equations.
Abstract; BibTeX entry
Volume 1 · Number 2
97 M. J. D. Powell A View of Unconstrained Minimization Algorithms that Do Not Require Derivatives.
Abstract; BibTeX entry
108 Webb Miller Software for Roundoff Analysis.
Abstract; BibTeX entry
129 Michael A. Malcolm
R. Bruce Simpson
Local Versus Global Strategies for Adaptive Quadrature.
Abstract; BibTeX entry
147 David R. Stoutemyer Analytical Optimization Using Computer Algebraic Manipulation.
Abstract; BibTeX entry
165 Lawrence L. Barinka Some Experience with Constructing, Testing, and Certifying a Standard Mathematical Subroutine Library.
Abstract; BibTeX entry
178 M. A. Jenkins Algorithm 493: Zeros of a Real Polynomial [C2].
Abstract; BibTeX entry
Download algorithm 493 from Tennessee, England.
Volume 1 · Number 3
193 John R. Rice Software Package Policy.
Abstract; BibTeX entry
196 Carl B. Bailey
Rondall E. Jones
Usage and Argument Monitoring of Mathematical Library Routines.
Abstract; BibTeX entry
210 James E. George Algorithms to Reveal the Representation of Characters, Integers, and Floating-Point Numbers.
Abstract; BibTeX entry
217 T. J. Aird
Robert E. Lynch
Computable Accurate Upper and Lower Error Bounds for Approximate Solutions of Linear Algebraic Systems.
Abstract; BibTeX entry
232 Richard F. Sincovec
Niel K. Madsen
Software for Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations.
Abstract; BibTeX entry
261 Richard F. Sincovec
Niel K. Madsen
Algorithm 494: PDEONE, Solutions of Systems of Partial Differential Equations [D3].
Abstract; BibTeX entry
Download algorithm 494 from Tennessee, England.
264 I. Barrodale
C. Phillips
Algorithm 495: Solution of an Overdetermined System of Linear Equations in the Chebychev Norm [F4].
Abstract; BibTeX entry
Download algorithm 495 from Tennessee, England.
271 Linda Kaufman Algorithm 496: The LZ Algorithm to Solve the Generalized Eigenvalue Problem for Complex Matrices [F2].
Abstract; BibTeX entry; See remark [Kaufman:1976:RLA].
Download algorithm 496 from Tennessee, England.
282 Ove Skovgaard Remark on ``Algorithm 236: Bessel Functions of the First Kind [S17]''.
Abstract; BibTeX entry; See [Gautschi:1964:BFF].
285 Robert Feinstein Remark on ``Algorithm 483: Masked Three-Dimensional Plot Program with Rotations [J6]''.
Abstract; BibTeX entry; See [Watkins:1974:MTD].
285 Jayadev Misra Remark on ``Algorithm 246: Graycode [Z]''.
Abstract; BibTeX entry; See [Boothroyd:1964:G,Er:1985:RG].
Volume 1 · Number 4
289 Harold S. Stone Parallel Tridiagonal Equation Solvers.
Abstract; BibTeX entry
308 Jules J. Lambiotte, Jr.
Robert G. Voigt
The Solution of Tridiagonal Linear Systems on the CDC STAR 100 Computer.
Abstract; BibTeX entry
330 J. C. P. Bus
T. J. Dekker
Two Efficient Algorithms with Guaranteed Convergence for Finding a Zero of a Function.
Abstract; BibTeX entry
346 A. C. Norman Computing with Formal Power Series.
Abstract; BibTeX entry
357 Kenneth W. Neves Automatic Integration of Functional Differential Equations: An Approach.
Abstract; BibTeX entry
369 Kenneth W. Neves Algorithm 497: Automatic Integration of Functional Differential Equations [D2].
Abstract; BibTeX entry
Download algorithm 497 from Tennessee, England.
372 P. J. Prince Algorithm 498: Airy Functions Using Chebyshev Series Approximations.
Abstract; BibTeX entry; See also [Razaz:1981:RAF].
Download algorithm 498 from Tennessee, England.
380 John Gregg Lewis Certification of ``Algorithm 349: Polygamma Functions with Arbitrary Precision''.
Abstract; BibTeX entry; See [TadeudeMedeiros:1969:APF].
381 Gordon E. Bromage Certification of ``Algorithm 475: Visible Surface Plotting Program [J6]''.
Abstract; BibTeX entry